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It Only Took a Worldwide Pandemic

Back in January 2020, when all seemed relatively normal in the world, at a gathering with friends, I created a Vision Board.  I didn't really have many specific things I wanted to accomplish - it was primarily filled with feelings or ideas of how to Be.  There was; however, one To Do item included.  As in years past, I added "Etsy" to my vision board.  I really had no real intention to finally set up an Etsy shop - it was always just something I hoped to do - someday. 

Fast forward two months and we're in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.  Rather than succumb to the feeling of dread and doom, I started doing what I knew I could do.  I started to sew face masks.  There were none to be found and I was surrounded by essential workers who were otherwise defenseless to the virus.  Though I'd sewn many-a-thing in my lifetime, I'd never made a face mask.  I ended up making well over 4500 masks, the majority of which were given away or donated.

The Etsy shop was set up, but the decision was made to put our energy into an actual website; so here we are!  

Here are a few of the life lessons learned from navigating through a pandemic:
* What works for others may not work for you, and perhaps it's best that it doesn't.  (I still struggle to make an accordion-style mask.)

* Be creative in finding solutions to meeting your needs (no elastic or bias tape? use paracord, shoelaces, ribbon, etc.)

* Your needs will be supplied (after using my small stash of precious fabric and finding nothing but empty shelves at the local stores, I learned to trust that more supplies would be found or donated as they were needed - and they were.  Every. Single. Time).

* Listen to your child (my daughter suggested paracord and utility cord for straps - it was a game-changer for me).

* Regardless of how large or small it may be, do what you can (making and donating so many masks was made possible because so many gave what little they had).

 *Not knowing how isn't an excuse. Like Nike says, Just Do It!

* You never know what you can do until you try.

*At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can. (Frida Kahlo)

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A Family Affair

La Dame Creates is comprised of a family of women who have found their individual creative outlets.

The Girls:
A - though creative as a young woman (painting giant peace signs in the 70s) it wasn't until about 2015 that she tapped into her creativity again.  In these short few years, she's become a jewelry maker (even making her own beads), she's learned to crochet and loom knit, she dabbles in wreath-making and is overflowing with ideas for new stuff!

J - is a wiz at needlecraft.  She's able to look at a crocheted or knitted piece and figure out how to duplicate it with very little effort.  She's an attention-to-detail kind of gal which is her superpower. Her crocheted dresses, tablecloths and dolls are simply beautiful.

L - is always trying something new and loves making something out of nothing.  She's especially passionate about upcycling and taking cast off items and making them into something new and useful.  She is energized by a challenge and not knowing how, is never a reason for her not to try.  Aside from embroidery work, needlecrafts are her kryptonite.

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